April 19, 2015

Name: Tulla
Age: 3 yrs.
Gender: Female
Breed: Toy Poodle
Home: Modesto, CA

Tulla is easy to train and will do anything to please her Master. She can play catch with you and I mean throw her ball to you and you to her. I got her at a pet store 3 yrs. ago and she almost died 2 times because she was disease ridden. Thankfully with my perseverence and her will, we finally had a medicine made for her that was for humans and it worked. I will never again buy a pet from a shop again. Thankfully, the pet shop is now closed because of people like me and dogs like Tulla who spoke out and stopped these bad people from getting away with destroying precious hearts, both animal and human. Tulla's first trick that she learned is Peek-a-Boo. She will literally lay on her back and when you say the magic words, "Peek-a-Boo", she will cover her eyes with her paws and she will also put her paws together if you tell her to "Pray". She is a joy and very healthy and we could not be without her in our lives. We all think that the human medicine that cured her, might also have instilled more human nature then most dogs have and that would explain why she does more human tricks, then just sit, stay and fetch.

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