January 26, 2015

Name: Lilly Ann
Age: 3
Gender: Female
Breed: Mini Dachshund

Lilly is one of a kind. On the outside, she looks like a regular little weaner dog, but she's anything but regular! I know almost all dog owners say that about their dogs, but really, Lilly has a heart of gold, a sense of humor (truly) and a lot of loyalty, love and fun in her. She was the first dog I looked at when I was looking for a dog. She was very, very skinny when he was a puppy and because of that, every one who was looking at that breeder's puppies thought that she had something wrong with her. That is why she was the last puppy of her group. This is going to sound corny, but I can't think of any other way to explain it. So, I looked at her, and held her, and I could tell what she was, kind, playful(because she liked my face) and loving. She was the exact dog I wanted. I could tell that she could talk, she would most likely be saying "PLEASE, take me home"

And so, I looked up at my mom for her take on the dog (because I was only nine then and, even though I had saved up the money myself, I had to get her take on having that particular dog. Every nine year old girl only sees the good in dogs, adults do. She looked at me and smiled and reminded me that this as the first one we had looked at, but I had made up my mind.

Now, Lilly is exactly how I thought she would be, fun, VERY loving and playful, yet relaxed. We all love her and it is very clear that she loves us. Even though I was so young, I picked the right dog.

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