March 6, 2015

Name: Izzie
Age: 6
Gender: Female
Breed: Shitzhu/Dachsund
Home: Citrus Heights, California

Isabel (Izzie) came to live with us as our new furry daughter on July 5th 2003. She was our first small dog after having only had German Shepherds for 20 years, but since we moved to the suburbs from a mountain ranch, we decided to go with a small doggie. She yipped and squawked the very loudest out of all of her litter mates and seemed to be pleading with us to take her. She has been our heart ever since that day. We got another dog a year later so she'd have a pet, and we let them breed once before fixing them both. She delivered five of the most drop dead gorgeous puppies that you could ever believe. She started labor at 3 pm and by midnight we had her first little boy. After three more boys, she finally had her last which was a female and she dutifully cleaned and fed each and every one of them.
Izzie is our treasure!

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